Development Contribution Schemes

Development Contribution Schemes

Information about the schemes under which developments contribute to public infrastructure and facilities.

Meath County Council Development Contribution Scheme 2024 - 2029

Meath County Council operates a Development Contribution Scheme to part fund the provision of public infrastructure and facilities in County Meath. All planning permissions are subject to this Scheme, including permissions granted on appeal by An Bord Pleánala, unless exempt according to the provisions of the Scheme.

The Meath County Council Development Contribution Scheme 2024 - 2029 was adopted on 4th December 2023, and is in effect from Monday 1st January 2024. The 2016 – 2022 Scheme applies until 31st December, 2023.

What is the cost?

The rates of development contributions payable are set out in the Schedule of Charges included in the Scheme (see Page 6).

A 10% reduction is offered where development contributions are paid in full within 28 days of issue of the invoice.

The Ready Reckoner below provides a guide to calculate development contribution rates.  For an official calculation please contact 046 9097500.

An additional contribution is payable to Irish Water for public infrastructure provided by them. Developers should contact Irish Water directly in this regard.

Supplementary Development Contribution Schemes

Supplementary Development Contribution Schemes also apply in respect of the following projects:

  • Navan to Dublin Railway Line – Phase 1 – Clonsilla to Dunboyne (Pace)
  • Kells “Backlands” N3 – N 52 Urban Collector / Distributer Road Link & Newrath Stream Culvert Replacement Scheme

The rates of contributions payable are set out in the relevant Schemes.

Temporary Time Limited Waiver in Respect of Development Contributions

The Temporary Time Limited Development Contribution Waiver Scheme introduced by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage in April 2023 (Circular Letter PL04/2023) has now been extended (Circular Letter PL 02/2024).  The Scheme applies to all permitted residential development:

  • that commence on site between 25th April, 2023 and 31st December, 2024 and
  • is completed not later than 31st December, 2026
  • “Commencement Notices” should be submitted to the Local Authority prior to the 14 day period preceding 31st December, 2024 i.e. the latest date for submission will be 17th December, 2024 and
  • “7 Day Notices” should be submitted to the Local Authority not later than 24th December, 2024. 

The waiver will cover the cost of the development contribution levy due from the developer under Meath County Council’s Development Contribution Scheme.  Under the Waiver Scheme, instead of the developer having to pay the development contribution to the Local Authority in the normal manner (usually on commencement of construction or in accordance with an agreed phased payment plan), the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage will, subject to the conditions set out above, pay the relevant charges due to the Local Authority on behalf of the person liable for the contribution. 

Developers availing of the Scheme must sign an Undertaking form confirming agreement to comply with the said conditions of the scheme. This Undertaking form includes details of the application of clawback/refund arrangements where conditions of the Scheme are not met.

Applicants (developers/site owners) who wish to avail of the waiver must in the first instance submit a Development Contribution Waiver Scheme Application Form when submitting the Commencement Notice in respect of the development for which the waiver is being claimed.  The Application Form should be returned to

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