Before you Apply for planning Permission

Before you Apply for planning Permission

The planning process can be complex, particularly if you are unfamiliar with it. Pre-planning discussions give applicants an opportunity to seek advice on their proposed development. 

If you or your architect wants to speak to a planner before making a planning application you can request a pre-planning consultation.

How to Request a Pre-Planning Consultation

To request a pre-planning consultation, send the following documentation to us:

  • Pre – planning questionnaire (form provided below)
  • Site location map as per OSI scaled 1:2500, with site outlined in red
  • Your legal interest in the site. If you are not the owner a letter of consent from the owner of the lands is required
  • Local Needs Form (provided below) is required if the pre-planning application is for a one-off rural dwelling

All documentation must be submitted to our Planning Offices or emailed to before a discussion can be arranged.

Pre Planning discussions are generally held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the month by telephone and in certain circumstances online via Teams or at our Planning Offices.

A record in writing of consultations that relate to a proposed development shall be kept by both the applicants and the Planning Authority.

This record will become part of a pre-planning file which in turn will be incorporated into the full planning file, if the application is subsequently made.

Any applicant proposing a development consisting of 10 dwellings or more must have had a pre-planning consultation.

Any advice given is based solely on information supplied during the pre-planning consultation.


Pre Planning Questionnaire
Local Needs Application Form
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