Exempted Developments

Exempted Developments

Details of the types of development that don't require planning permission and how to apply for an exemption certificate

What is Exempt Development?

Exempt development is development for which planning permission is not required. It generally relates to developments of a minor nature such as:

  • Works of improvement, maintenance or other alterations that affect only the interior of a structure.
  • Works that do not materially affect the external appearance of a structure.
  • Building of an extension, shed, garage, boundary walls etc. within the curtilage of a house, subject to conditions and limitations.
  • Certain categories of changes of use.

Further information on exempted development is available from: http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/2000/en/act/pub/0030/sec0004.html

Is your Development Exempt?

Some minor developments are exempted development, and do not need planning permission.

The following guides to planning permission give more details on whether planning permission is needed:

Doing work around the house (leaflet) 
Agriculture and farm development(leaflet)
Planning and the business person (leaflet) 

Remember, if your property is in an Architectural Conservation Area, Special Amenity Area Order, or is a Protected Structure/Listed Building these exemptions do not apply.

Confirmation of Exemption

If you need written confirmation that your development is exempt, you can apply for a document called an Exemption Certificate, where we confirm whether the proposed development does or does not require planning permission.

To apply for an Exemption Certificate for your development, fill in the form below and send it to us along with the list of documents and fee.

Application for Exempted Development (Section 5)

Please ensure that the following are enclosed with your application:

  • Enclose fee of €80
  • Sufficient scaled drawings and site location map marking site
  • Any other necessary details

If further information is required to be submitted, a declaration shall issue within three weeks of the receipt of this further information.


View Section 5 Declarations Issued


Farm Development

In relation to Farm Development - some exemptions are:

  • Use of land for agriculture or forestry.
  • Maintenance of land for agricultural purposes.
  • The temporary use of land for camping or mooring a boat (for 10 days or less) conditions and restrictions apply
  • The temporary use of land by a scouting organisation for a period of 30 days or less per year.
  • Works involving the construction of or maintenance of a gully, drain, pit or water course.

Booklets on doing work around the house and in relation to agriculture and farm development are available from the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government website.

Protected Structures and Architectural Conservation Areas 

It is important to note that most exemptions do not apply to structures that are included on the Register of Protected Structures or situated in an architectural conservation area.

Still Unsure if your Development is Exempt?

Not sure if your development is exempt?  Contact the Planning department.

Commercial to Residential Exemptions

For Commercial to Residential Exemptions relating to Change of Use and related works, of vacant Commercial premises for Residential purposes, providing an exemption from planning permission for a period of time - please click here.