Fire Safety at Halloween

Fire Safety at Halloween

Tips for a safe Halloween

Each year, Accident and Emergency departments are filled with children who receive horrific and painful injuries as a result of the misuse of fireworks and bonfires.

Tips for a Safe Halloween:

  • If you see material such as pallets, tyres and old furniture being hoarded in advance of Halloween please contact our If you have a complaint about litter, please call The Lo Call Litter Line - Telephone 1890 228 466 or contact us
  • Do not leave material lying around that may be taken for a bonfire; many garage or garden shed items such as petrol, white spirits, diesel, aerosols, batteries, tins of paint, bottles and tyres are extremely dangerous if set on fire
  • Do not facilitate illegal bonfires or firework displays on or near your home or property
  • Contact the Local Authority if you see a bonfire being built or lit close to buildings, trees, overhead cables, underground services or car parking areas
  • Explain the dangers of illegal fireworks and bonfires to children and teenagers
  • Stay a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks – wind can carry sparks long distances and can cause permanent injuries and scars
  • Stay with your children and escort them on “trick or treat” visits, parties and events
  • Keep dangerous substances such as oil, petrol and diesel away from fires or fireworks
  • Parents, businesses and householders – Do not provide any materials for bonfires
  • Do not buy, use or supply fireworks
  • Respect the work of the Emergency Services, Council Staff and the Garda
  • Keep pets indoors on Halloween night
  • Above All – Be Safe and Stay Safe


Download our Halloween Safety Leaflet below

Fire Safety at Halloween
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