Noise Action Plan

Noise Action Plan

This Noise Action Plan is aimed at strategic long term management of environmental noise from transport systems i.e. traffic noise.

This Noise Action Plan has been prepared as required by Statutory Instrument 140 of 2006, known as the Environmental Noise Regulations. These Regulations give effect to the EU Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise.

This plan is being prepared by Meath County Council hereinafter to be known as the “Council” for major roads within their respective functional areas.

The actions detailed  have been drawn up to assess noise exposure in priority areas, as indicated by strategic noise mapping located on the identified routes within the respective functional areas of the Council. It is envisaged that noise action planning should concentrate on planning strategic issues identified by the noise mapping process as provisions already exist to deal with noise nuisances, including neighbour, entertainment and construction noises.

This Action Plan gives an overview of the main requirements of the Environmental Noise Regulations and the authorities responsible. The methods used in production of strategic noise maps are outlined and summary results are presented. These results are analysed and several recommendations are made as to the best way to limit population exposure to environmental noise pollution.

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