e-Car Charge Points

e-Car Charge Points

Find charge points and discover the benefits of electric cars

Electric vehicle (EV) users in the Meath area will benefit from a decision by Meath County Council to make EV parking available at a number of locations in the county.

Parking is FREE for electrical vehicles whilst charging in these bays.

Locations in Meath


  • 2 at Abbey Road car park
  • 2 at Fairgreen car park
  • 2 at Kells Road car park


  • 2 at Haggard Street car park
  • 2 at Finnegan’s Way


EV parking has been possible with the introduction of new legislation by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport which allows local authorities to designate parking spaces for electric vehicle charging. This makes it a parking offence for vehicles not charging to park in these spaces and could lead to a fine.

Electric Vehicle Benefits

The benefits of EVs include:

  • improved energy efficiency
  • less noise pollution
  • a reduction in harmful emissions.

Electric Vehicles run at a fraction of the cost of conventional cars with annual motor tax of €120.

They offer a great driving experience as well as providing a low carbon transport option for Irish motorists. ESB has rolled out a nationwide infrastructure of charge points across the country, bringing the total number of public charge points to 1,200 making it convenient for motorists to re-charge their EVs.

The EV network in the Republic is completely inter-operable with that of Northern Ireland, which means an EV driver can now drive seamlessly from Cork to Belfast using a common charging system from start to finish.

In addition, ESB is providing free home charge point for the first 2,000 purchasers of EVs that qualify for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) grant, making it easy to charge the vehicle at home availing of low cost night time electricity. Further information is available at: www.esb.ie/ecars