Kells Pay Parking

Kells Pay Parking

Times of operation, fees and relevant bye-laws

Covid-19 Update: Council On-Street and Off-Street pay parking fees remain in place for Navan, Trim and Kells.

Covid-19 Update: There have been no changes to the parking charges in Navan, Trim and Kells due to the introduction of Government restrictions, and free parking has not been introduced in any areas of Navan, Trim and Kells.


Since the Government restrictions were introduced on the 27th March and the phase 1 reopening on the 18th May, the Traffic Wardens are focusing their attention on enforcing parking in specific areas to ensure that:


  • There is no illegal parking such as would restrict or prevent access to any essential services by customers or key workers (such as chemists, food shops, GP practices, etc.).
  • There is no improper use of disabled parking bays such as would prevent access for people with disabilities to these services
  • There is no illegal parking that could constitute a danger to other road users or pedestrians.


As the various phases of the Government’s Roadmap to Reopening Society and Businesses are implemented, the traffic and footfall in the town centres will increase. The focus of the traffic wardens will also expand to include areas where these additional businesses are opening to ensure an adequate turnover of traffic to facilitate customers or key workers wanting to access the increasing range of businesses reopening.



Times of Operation

Pay Parking is in operation between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 hours Monday to Saturday.
Please note that Pay and Display is not in operation on bank holidays. 


The following half price initiative is in place in Kells.

The main highlights of the Initiative are:

  1. First 15 minutes free – On observing a vehicle without a pay and display ticket a Warden will allow 15 minutes from time of first observation before issuing a fine.
  2. Reduced Minimum charge from .50c to .20c for 20 minutes
  3. Reduced price per hour to .50c

Kells has multiple tariffs available which are broken up into two main categories;

  • On Street
  • Off Street (Car Park)

Some parking meters throughout the town are capable of dispensing multiple tariff options.

On Street Tarriffs

On Street (Short Term) - Maximum Stay 2 hours

20c (minimum) = 35 minutes
30c = 50 minutes
40c = 60 minutes
50c = 75 minutes
90c (maximum) = 120 minutes

On Street (Long Term)

Long term parking (24 hours and 7 day parking) tickets are available at the following On Street locations and rates;
NOTE – Standard On Street (Short Term) rates, detailed above, are also available from these meters.

24 hour = €2.30
7 day = €10.00

Meter Location for purchase of long term tickets

  • Bective Street: Outside HSE building
  • Bective Street Cul de Sac: Outside HSE building
  • Maudlin Street: Bottom of street – Closest to pedestrian crossing
  • Navan Road & Headford Road: Centre Island of Headford/Navan Rd. Junction

Off Street (car park) Tariffs

.50c (minimum) = 60 minutes
€1.00 = 120 minutes
€3.20 = 24 hours
€12.00 (maximum) = 7 days

NOTE – On Street (Short Term) Rates available in the following Car Parks;

  • Fairgreen Car Park
  • Oliver Plunkett Car Park
  • Town Hall Car Park

NOTE – The following Car Parks are restricted to 24 hour and 7 day parking only;

  • Library Car Park
  • Kenlis Place Car Park

Kells Bye Laws

Kells Parking Bye-Laws

Information regarding Parking in Kells, including Residents’ Parking Permits, is available in the document below.