Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations

Pay parking and relevant legislation

Pay Parking is usually indicated by a sign on each approach road into towns which operate pay parking.

Regulated Parking (Pay Parking) ensures that there is an adequate turnover of car spaces for people to do business/pleasure within a town.  In order to regulate parking, a parking fee is applied.  The town is divided into separate parking zones and tariffs/fees.

Usually, a town centre will have a maximum stay of two hours to ensure that there is a more regular turnover of spaces, as these spaces are more in demand.  On the outer zones of a town, the maximum stay will be longer, usually a  three hour maximum stay applies and the tariff/fee is normally be cheaper.

Long term parking is also provided where people working in a town or visiting the town for a day can park for a tariff/fee all day.

Relevant Legislation

Parking Enforcement was enacted under Local Authorities (Traffic Wardens) Act, 1975. Details of the legislation is available at  

Further legislation was inserted under Section 12(1)of the Road Traffic Act 2002. Details of the insertion is located at

This leglislation was amended under Section 15 of the Road Traffic Act 2006. Details of the amendment is located at 

A list of parking restrictions are provided in the Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations, 1997 (External Link) at