'Following Contours' - An exhibition by Bernadette Tuite


'Following Contours' - An exhibition by Bernadette Tuite

September 2nd to November 1st, 2019

Meath County Council Arts Office is delighted to present Following Contours - An exhibition by Bernadette Tuite

Bernadette Tuite is the Meath County Council Arts Office Going Solo Graduate Award recipient of 2019.

Following Contours will show at the Toradh2 Gallery located in the newly renovated former Courthouse in the centre of Kells town from 2nd September. The exhibition will feature a combination of beautifully hand-crafted sculptural ceramic vessels, landscape photography and an audio soundscape. Accompanying the art works will be material samples, a video and sketch books; all intended to offer an insight into how the artist works and the process behind her art.

The Meath County Council Arts Office Going Solo Graduate Award was originally launched in 2001 to assist emerging Meath artists in the earliest stages of their artistic careers. The prize includes a solo exhibition and €1,000 combined materials and purchase stipend which sees the acquisition of art work added permanently to the County Art Collection.

Bernadette Tuite, a former California based boat captain, completed an Applied Arts Degree in the Crawford College of Art and Design Cork, in 2018. Since competing her degree which focussed on ceramic design, Tuite has been awarded the prestigious Design and Craft Council of Ireland’s Future Makers Award 2019 as well as the Meath County Council Arts Office Going Solo Graduate Award 2019.

Speaking about the exhibition and award, the artist said:

‘I am delighted to return to Kells with this Going Solo Graduate Award Exhibition as I spent many happy teenage years here while my dear parents ran their grocery business, Tuite & Co. in the town.  My work investigates the creative and destructive forces of nature found in Atlantic coastal geology through ceramic vessels. I consider the erosive processes of wind and water and emulate these forces while making. I layer different coloured clays, marble, tear and compress together seam and strata to echo the tortured seascape from which I draw my inspiration.

Other items that explore the process behind my art will also be on show as part of the exhibition. I am including these items with the ceramic works as I am interested in engaging the gallery going public in an interactive multisensory way by linking them to the landscape by physical and conceptual means.’

Following Contours will be on display at Kells Courthouse Culture and Tourism Hub from 2nd September and continue through the autumn until 1st November 2019.

For further information you can contact Aedín McGinn, Assistant Arts Officer, Meath County Council by:


Following Contours Art Exhibition