Meath County Council Anti-Litter Initiative 2020


Meath County Council Anti-Litter Initiative 2020

Anti Litter Initiative 2020

You are invited to take part in Meath County Council’s Anti-Litter Initiative 2020. You may have taken part in the past or may be an entirely new entrant. Either way this is a great opportunity for your group to get involved in your local community.  It is not a competition, each participating group is trying to achieve a high standard of cleanliness in their local area, and there is a grant for those that achieve high standards over the whole month of the initiative. 

Information in relation to Judging

There will be 2 rounds of judging over a 4 week period in March. 

Judging will take place from the 2nd to 27th March 2020.  There will be no judging on 16th, 17th or 18th to allow for St. Patrick Day events. 

Points will be deducted for the presence of litter and there will be a score for general appearance.

Each participant will be advised of their marks after the final week of judging has been completed.  Grants and medals will be issued in April and May 2020.

Further information and application form.