Assistance for Ukrainians - Transport

Assistance for Ukrainians - Transport

You can get free travel on any subsidised public transport service, (Irish rail, Bus Eireann, Go-Ahead Ireland, Dublin Bus and Luas) upon arrival into Ireland for the journey to your final destination. Local link services are also included.

You should show:

  • Your Ukrainian passport, or other government issued Ukrainian ID, and proof that you have arrived in Ireland in the past 7 days, or
  • Confirmation of status from a co-ordinating group or charity involved in the Ukrainian crisis

Transport For Ireland Website

The TFI Journey Planner includes all Irish Rail and DART services.


School Transport 

Applications for school transport for the new school year 2022/23 will close on Friday 29 April 2022.


This applies only for new applicants seeking primary and/or post-primary school transport for 2022/23. 


For more information about school transport, please visit


Navan Town Bus Service


Driving Licences Questions and Answers

Can I drive on my Ukrainian driver licence in Ireland? 

No.  A Ukraine licence is not valid to drive in Ireland. However, under Irish law you can exchange your Ukraine car licence for an Irish one provided you have permission to remain in the state under Section 60 of the International Protection Act 2015. The Irish licence will allow you to drive a car in Ireland for up to one year. 


Can I exchange my Ukrainian driver licence for an Irish one? 

Yes. However, you must have your Ukraine licence in your possession to be able to exchange it.  You must be in Ireland under Section 60 of the International Protection Act 2015. 


My Ukrainian licence has expired. Can I still exchange it for an Irish licence? 

If your Ukrainian licence is expired one year or less, you can exchange it for an Irish licence. If it is expired more than one year, it will not be possible to exchange it.  


I have been living in Ireland prior to the war, can I exchange my Ukrainian licence? 

No, you will have to apply for a learner permit. 


How do I apply for a learner permit? 

First, you must pass a driver theory test and then apply for a learner permit through the National Driver Licensing Service (NDLS). 


You may be able to apply for reduced Essential Driver Training and an exemption from having to hold a learner permit for 6 months before sitting the driving test. 

When you pass a driving test, you can then apply for a driving licence.  


How do I exchange my Ukrainian licence for an Irish one? 

You will have to make an appointment to attend an NDLS centre and complete a licence exchange application. To make an appointment please visit: 


As part of the application process, you will have to surrender your Ukraine licence, and this will be kept securely by the NDLS.  

If you need help, please email your query in English to and we will respond to you as soon as possible.  



Will I get my Ukrainian licence back when I leave Ireland? 

Yes. If you leave Ireland to return to Ukraine, your Ukrainian licence can be returned to you and the original vehicle categories on it will still apply. However, you will need to surrender your Irish licence at that time. 


What documents do I need to exchange my licence? 

When you attend the NDLS appointment you will need to present: 


  • Your original Ukraine licence (this will be retained by the NDLS) 
  • Your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) - this will be provided to you by the Department of Social Protection 
  • Proof that you are in Ireland under Section 60 of the International Protection Act 2015
  • Details of your address in Ireland 
  • A Medical Report - this will apply if you have a specified medical condition  

You don’t have to complete an application form in advance as you will be asked for your personal details at the NDLS Office. You can view the list of questions at- 


My Ukraine licence allows me to drive a bus or truck. When I exchange it for an Irish licence, will I be allowed to drive those vehicles in Ireland?  

No. When you exchange your Ukrainian licence for an Irish licence, you will only be allowed to drive a car. If you wish to drive another vehicle category, such as a truck or bus, you will have to apply for a learner permit and pass a driving test. The new category can then be added to your Irish driving licence. For more information, please visit 



Professional bus or truck drivers 

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)  


What are the rules for driving a bus or truck professionally in Ireland?   

To drive a bus or truck professionally in Ireland you must: 


  • hold an EU driver’s licence for the vehicle you wish to drive.   
  • hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card. 


You may be entitled to Driver CPC based on the date you received your EU licence. If not, you may have to complete some training or exams to get a CPC card.   


More detailed information on becoming a professional bus/truck driver in Ireland is available on 


I have an EU truck/bus licence and Driver CPC. Can I drive professionally in Ireland?  

If you previously exchanged your Ukrainian licence for an EU licence and hold 

a CPC qualification, you can drive professionally in Ireland until the expiry date of your licence or CPC card (whichever expires first). After that time, you are not allowed to drive professionally.  



Can I renew my EU licence and CPC qualification in Ireland?  

This depends on the following: 


  • If you’re resident here and hold an EU licence which you originally exchanged from a Ukrainian licence, this can’t be renewed in Ireland.  


  • If you’re resident here and hold an original EU licence (obtained your qualification within the EU) this licence can be renewed in Ireland. You can also complete training here to renew your driver CPC qualification.   


Information about renewing your licence is available at: 


More information on CPC training and qualification is available on:  



I hold an EU licence and completed CPC training in an EU country, will I get credit for this in Ireland?  

If you completed all CPC training in another EU country, you need to apply for a CPC card from that country.  


If you completed some training in an EU country, we will need to see evidence of this and will review your documents. For more information please visit: 



I hold an EU licence and CPC qualification, but don’t have proof. What should I do?  

If you don’t have a Driver CPC card or ‘Code 95’ on your licence, you must start the CPC qualification process here in Ireland.  


For more information please visit: 



Where can I get more information about driver licences and driver CPC? 

You will find more information about CPC and driver licencing on . You can also email: to raise a query in English and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

Using your car in Ireland 


Can I drive my Ukrainian-registered car in Ireland? 

Yes. However, there are certain vehicle importation rules you must follow, depending on how long you stay in Ireland. For further advice or contact details please visit  



Do I need to pay any vehicle tax when I enter Ireland?  

Ukrainians can apply for an exemption from this where a vehicle is temporarily brought into Ireland, known as a ‘vehicle temporary exemption’.  For further advice or contact details please visit 


If you decide in the future to register your car in Ireland (with Irish registration plates) Revenue would also provide advice on your application. 



Can I register my Ukrainian car in Ireland? 

Yes, but it will need to pass a number of checks first. Further guidance is available on: under ‘Importing a vehicle into Ireland’ or in 



Do I need insurance to drive in Ireland? 

Yes, by law you must be insured to drive your vehicle when using it on Irish roads. 



Can I insure my Ukrainian car in Ireland? 

The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (UA) has prepared a list of Ukrainian Insurance Providers that allows Ukrainian refugees to renew their insurance policies online and to get an International Insurance Green Card. You can find more information about this at 



Vehicle Safety  


Do I need to get my Ukrainian vehicle roadworthiness tested?  

If your car has Ukrainian number plates you don’t have to get it tested. It only becomes subject to testing when it is registered in Ireland.  However, by law you must always keep your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition when used on Irish roads.  



If I register my car in Ireland, do I have to get it roadworthiness tested? 

Yes. Once you register your Ukrainian car in Ireland, it must be roadworthiness tested i.e. it must undergo a National Car Test (NCT).  The test due date will be based on the date the car entered Ireland.  Once your car reaches four years old, it will need to be tested.  Once your vehicle is four years or more, you must apply for a NCT right away. Please contact the National Car Testing Service (NCTS) at 01 4135992 or book a test online at  


We offer helpful advice and tips about vehicle care on under ‘Car maintenance’. 



I plan to buy a car in Ireland. Is there any advice available? 

We offer helpful advice and tips on under ‘Advice on buying a used car’.