Your Rights

Your Rights

You have a range of rights when a person or organisation takes and records your personal details.

  1. Right to have your details used in line with data protection regulations
    A data controller who holds information about you must process that information in line with the principles of the data protection legislation.

  2. Right to information about your personal details
    Data controllers who obtain your personal information must give you the name of the organisation collecting the information, the reason why they want your details; and any other information that you may need to make sure that they are handling your details fairly.

  3. Right to access your personal details
    You can ask for a copy of all your personal details by writing to any organisation or person holding these details on a computer or in manual form. If you wish to make an access request, Meath County Council will accept this in any form, but to assist with this search, a sample  Data subject access request form‌ can be found at the bottom of this page.

  4. Right to know if your personal details are being held
    If you think that an organisation or individual may be holding some of your personal details, you can ask them to confirm this. If they do have personal details about you, they must tell you which details they hold and the reason why they are holding this information.  Where a request is made, a Data Controller must provide information on action taken without undue delay, and in any event within 1 month of receipt of request.

  5. Right to change or remove your details
    If you discover that a data controller has details about you that are not factually correct, you can ask them to change or, in some cases, remove these details.

  6. Right to prevent use of your personal details
    You can also ask a data controller not to use your personal details for purposes other than their main purpose – for example for marketing.

  7. Right to remove your details from a direct marketing list
    If a data controller holds personal details about you for direct marketing purposes, you can ask them to remove your details.

  8. Right to object
    A data controller may intend to use your details for official purposes, in the public interest or for their own interests. If you feel that doing so could cause you unnecessary damage or distress, you may ask the data controller not to use your personal details.

    This right does not apply if
    - you have already agreed that the data controller can use your details;
    - a data controller needs your details under the terms of a contract to which you have agreed;
    - election candidates or political parties need your details for electoral purposes;
    - a data controller needs your details for legal reasons.

    You can also object to use of your personal details for direct marketing purposes if these details are taken from the electoral register or from information made public by law, such as a shareholders' register.

  9. Right to freedom from automated decision making
    Generally, important decisions about you based on your personal details should have a human input and must not be automatically generated by a computer, unless you agree to this.
  10. Right to refuse direct marketing calls or mail
    If you do not want to receive direct marketing telephone calls, you should contact your service provider. They will make a note of your request in the National Directory Database (NDD) 'opt-out' register. It is an offence to make direct marketing calls to any phone number listed in the NDD. If you have not included your phone number in this register, you can also refuse such calls by simply asking the caller not to phone you again.

    An organisation must get your permission before they contact you by fax machine or automated dialling for direct marketing purposes.

    An organisation must also get your permission before they send marketing emails to your computer or before they send marketing text messages to your mobile phone.


Data Subject Rights Policy.



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