Support for Vulnerable People

Support for Vulnerable People

Supports available for Vulnerable People in the Community such as the elderly, people with underlying illnesses, and victims of domestic abuse. 

For the most up to date information and advice on Coronavirus, please go to:



Domestic Violence Support

Domestic Violence Support

Some may be feeling worried about the impact of Covid19 emergency plans & their safety at home - remember that help is available. See below for information or visit or…




Crime Victims Helpline

The Crime Victims Helpline is a national charity providing support to all victims of crime in Ireland. They listen; provide information and answer questions about the criminal justice system; and direct victims to local and specialist victim support services.   

They can be reached at freephone 116 006; over email at; and via text 085 133 7711 (standard rates apply).



Help for Deaf People who are Self Isolating

Deaf Volunteers

Irish sign language videos

Irish Sign Language videos are available online here. There are five videos, each covering a different section of the COVID-19 information booklet.



Family Support

One Family is a family support organisation working specifically with people parenting alone, sharing parenting and separating. They have moved all services to telephone and online and their national askonefamily helpline provides listening support to those in distress, information on a wide range of topics and local signposting.

They have a parenting support group on facebook and website posts on difficult issues such as managing access visits during this crisis; contingencies for if fallen ill and temporary guardianship; as well as social welfare queries. The askonefamily helpline has dedicated sessions on Early Years; Parenting Supports; Telephone Counselling. These times are available through our social media and website They can be contacted on 016629212 | 1890662212 |

The most important practical issues during Covid-19 are:

  • the need for help with shopping particularly where shops have banned children or the parent or child are ill and they are unable to leave their home
  • a friendly face, a social connection, a query about how things are going
  • hard copies of crucial social welfare forms particularly those in relation to nominating someone else to collect a payment and to have a payment transferred to a bank account.


Trim Family Resource Centre FRC

Trim Family Resource Centre is a locally based family support and community development project covering Trim and South Meath. The focus of the work is to empower families and the community to identify their own needs and explore solutions to best address these, and to create successful partnerships between voluntary and statutory agencies at community level.  

Our target groups include; parents, children & young people, men, women, migrants, older people, young women, people with disabilities, and the unemployed.

What do we do in Level 5 :

  • Provide online/ via phone calls outreach support to individuals and families in crisis
  • Run face-to-face low cost counselling service and play therapy for local children & adults in need 
  • Run health and wellbeing courses  for adults and children online via Zoom platform
  • Organise educational courses for children and adults online via Zoom (coding for kids, Failte Isteach English classes)
  • Coordinate Community Food Bank for families in need via Food Cloud and EU Fead Programme and with support of local volunteers/ supermarkets
  • Support families via Beacon Family Project
  • Support young people via Level Up Project
  • Provide online/ via phone calls support and information open to everyone in South Meath  on various rights, entitlements and housing with  referral  to appropriate agencies when necessary

For more information contact Trim FRC on 046 9438850 or via social media on



Dementia - Resources for people with dementia, their families and carers

Online resources for people dementia, their families and carers and a booklet of activities which can be carried out at home have also been added.

Information on dementia and actions we can all take to support people living with dementia



Sage Advocacy

In circumstances where people may be vulnerable, or have to depend on others, there is a need to ensure that their rights, freedoms and dignity are promoted and protected. Through support and advocacy the will and preference of a person can be heard and acted on; independently of family, service provider or systems interests.

Sage support the following:-

1: Older People

2. Vulnerable Adults

3. Healthcare Patients.

Their service is free, confidential and independent of all other services but we co-operate and work with all services

Their team are capable of tackling everything from the most simple support issues to the most complex advocacy challenges in every care setting.


INFORMATION & SUPPORT/RAPID RESPONSE SERVICE IS -    1850 71 94 00 (FREE PHONE NO) and is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

Leave your name, a contact number and a very brief description of the issue.   Our aim is to respond to you within 1 hour.  

When urgent support is required an experienced Sage Representative can be available Nationwide within 24 hours  subject to any restrictions arising from the current public health emergency. 

Their website is  



HSE Approved Guidance for Disability Services

There are seven new COVID-19 Guidance resources now available for staff and carers who provide services to people with disabilities. This guidance will help ensure that staff and carers are fully aware of the steps they need to take during the outbreak.  All of the materials are available to download here. A list of all of the guidance documents, including those previously shared, can be found here.  



Inclusion Ireland - COVID-19 Resources to support People with Disabilities and their Families

Inclusion Ireland has a special phone line for any queries in relation to Covid-19 - Ring 0818 559891 Monday – Friday. 10am – 3pm. You can find information about COVID-19 on their website at

This webpage includes information COVID-19 that is easy to read at on the subjects below (see bottom of webpage

  • Covid-19 General information
  • Guidelines from the Government
  • How to wash your hands
  • What you can do if you feel worried
  • A short guide to the symptoms
  • HSE Health Passport
  • HSE Guide to Health Passport
  • What happens when you get a test
  • What to do if someone in your house gets Covid-19
  • Get your household ready - planning
  • How to stay connected using Apps
  • Resources for parents - educational and therapeutic



Home Life Meath

Home Life Meath are open throughout the current crisis. All their services are operating, while observing HSE guidelines.

They can be contacted directly by phoning 046-9437282.

Home Life Meath



Fighting Blindness

Fighting Blindness is a charity which provides numerous support services to people living with sight loss. 

Find out information about the services they offer which may be helpful to people affected by sight loss at




Spinal Injuries Ireland

Spinal Injuries Ireland is supporting people with a spinal cord injury during COVID19, many of whom have poor lung function as a result of their injury. There are 2000 people with a SCI nationwide. Many of these individuals and their families are feeling very anxious as many have carers coming to their home on a daily basis for personal care management are fearful of infection. 

Spinal Injures Ireland is committed to supporting all our service users and their families at this uncertain time of CV19. Our services are being delivered remotely by our dedicated and experienced community outreach team.

We are delivering up to date accurate information and support via phone, text and email. Our weekly emails and online resources include yoga, exercises and mindfulness delivered by service users and experienced practitioners. Our expertly trained peer support volunteers are available to provide one to one phone support for people with a spinal cord injury and their family.

If you have a spinal injury and are feeling worried, isolated or concerned or need advice please call Spinal Injuries Ireland on 01 6532180. 



Age Friendly Daily News

Age Friendly are producing daily updates during the COVID-19 pandemic, available at



Age Actions’ Getting Started KIT 

This KIT supports older people to keep itouch with their loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. We all are feeling the effects of social distancing, and older people are particularly impacted being asked to cocoon at home. Now it is more important than ever to keep itouch with family and friends so Age Action drew on their Getting Started programme which offered face to face digital skills classes, to create easy How To Guides.  These guides are available at


Translations of Community Call Booklets

Translations of Community Call Booklets




Irish Hospice Foundation

The Irish Hospice Foundation wants to continue to keep you and the Age Friendly Ireland members informed and supported in matters relating to end-of-life and bereavement during these exceptional times. With the knowledge and experience we have gathered over many years we are responding to the emerging needs in this challenging period with our new resources on our Care & Inform hub and through the Bereavement Support Line.


We have developed this flyer to support the dissemination of these resources to people that cannot access online resources and therefore are not availing of these wide range of supports particularly those who are caring for someone who is approaching end of life in the home, those that have been recently bereaved or planning a funeral and others.


This flyer details the resources from our ‘Care & Inform’ Information Hub with a focus on caring at home and for those with loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes. The Caring for Others section of the hub contains new resources such as When someone you care about is dying in a nursing home - what to expect and Caring for someone, nearing end of life, at home during the COVID-19 crisis. Please find links to these new resources below.


• What can I do when I can’t visit a loved one who is dying?

• Caring for someone at home during the covid-19 crisis

• Caring for someone at the end of life at home

• When someone you care about is dying in hospital: what to expect

• When someone you care about is dying in a nursing home: what to expect

• Palliative care: what is it and who is it for?


In June, the Irish Hospice Foundation launched the new Bereavement Support Line, in conjunction with the HSE, is here to support those affected by bereavement during COVID-19. It is staffed by trained Irish Hospice Foundation personnel and volunteers. Call free phone 1800 80 70 77, Monday to Friday, 10am - 1pm.