Food Waste Digester

Food Waste Digester

The Food Waste Digester at Navan Recycling Centre is capable of digesting up to 3 tonnes of food waste per week, reducing its volume by 70%.

Food Waste Digester

Food Waste Digester – Navan Recycling Centre


In a short 24-hour period, the bio-digesters treat household food waste to produce a nutrient rich, premium output that can be used as a soil enhancer or fuel for an anaerobic digester producing energy for reuse.


The Harp bio-digester process retains the important nutrients that would otherwise be lost to the breakdown and decay of food waste in bins or at landfills. It also prevents damaging greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) from being released into the air so this type of waste management improves our performance in terms of climate action.


Instead, the valuable end product from the digester can now be used to replenish soils that have been excessively harvested, replacing the carbon, ammonia and phosphorus that helps inspire strong growth.


Food Waste tends to be heavy and wet in your wheelie bin, causing bad smells and potentially adding to the cost of your waste collection service, so if you are living or working in or near Navan, and are interested in taking part in the Food Waste Digester Service at Navan Recycling Centre you can now manage your food waste and help the environment at the same time.


How does it work?


If you are interested in signing up to this service, you are required to fill out an expression of interest from (below) and email to

We are looking for households who live, work or regularly visit (within 5km of) Navan Recycling Centre and who are regular users of the site.  Ideally visitors who are using the digester will visit as part of their regular visit or whilst they are in the area for work, sport etc.  We do not want to generate unnecessary journeys from households outside the catchment area, which would not make sense environmentally.  We will review the success of this scheme in due course and if successful will consider installation of a similar scheme in Kells and Trim Recycling Centres.


Once you have been approved (notification by email) to take part in the scheme, you will receive a copy of the terms and conditions, detailing the Do’s and Don’ts of using the digester. You can then go to Navan Recycling Centre to collect your kitchen caddy.  There is a one off payment of €10 for a 25 Litre kitchen caddy with lid which you will use to collect your food waste at home for transportation to the Recycling Centre in Navan (generally on a weekly basis or more/less often required by your household).


Once you have your caddy, you are ready to go.


Bring your food waste to Navan and contact one of the staff on-site who will empty it into the digester for you.  If desired for your own convenience, you can use compostable bin liners which are available at most supermarkets. This will keep your caddy clean for future use. If you don’t want to use bags, just rinse your caddy frequently in hot water and washing up liquid to prevent unpleasant odours.


There is no charge for this service (other than the €10 cost for kitchen caddy).


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