Loan of Equipment

Loan of Equipment

Car Tannoy System, Exhibition/Display Boards, A4 Folding Literature Displayers and more.

The equipment listed below is available to borrow.

  • Exhibition /Display Panels
  • Leaflet Displayers
  • Sound Equipment
  • Projector and Screen
  • Podcasting Equipment
  • Folding Tables

Booking Information

  1. All equipment or meeting space must be booked in advance.  
  2. You can collect booked equipment at any of our library branches. Please make sure to check the library’s opening hours when planning collections. This service may not always be available depending on other bookings.  
  3. Bookings should be made at least 2 weeks in advance to allow time to get the items to your specified library.  
  4. To make a booking for equipment email

Conditions of Use

  1. To use these services your group should be a not-for-profit community or voluntary organisation based in the county.  
  2. All items must be returned in the condition they were borrowed with all parts included.  
  3. Any items or parts that are lost or damaged should be reported to the library.

To book a meeting room please see our Meeting Room page


Exhibition/Display Panels

We have 8 sets of Nobo® Showboard Display Panels for loan.  These are portable, lightweight, folding display units.  Made in two pieces, the top set of 3 panels locks into the bottomset of 3 panels.

When folded the unit is totally portable and fits in most car boots. Each set comes with a carrying bag.

Individual Panel size is 900 x 600 x 20 mm. Fully assembled size: 1825 x 1800 mm.

The panels are free standing and have a fabric surface and you can use velcro to stick material to the boards.

The boards can be used by community groups for Art Exhibitions, Craft Fairs, Presentations etc.

Folding Leaflet Displayers

We have 8 sets of folding literature displayers for loan.  

When you unfold this unit you get a 1500 mm tall display stand with six double-sided shelves.

You can use it to display brochures, booklets and leaflets up to A4 size and present them to visitors at your event. Each displayer comes with its own carry case.

Sound Equipment

Car Tannoy System

This consists of a loudspeaker system with a roof bracket to attach to a car.  Please note that this item is for use only when a car is parked.  It is not for use on a moving vehicle.  

PA System

We have 2 PA Systems (speakers & microphone) available for use at events.

Projector and Screen

Use these for meetings or events. The projector has HDMI, USB and AV ports to connect to your device. The projector screens are tripod screens that fold to a portable size.

Podcasting Equipment

We have Zoom H2N Handy Recorder Podcasting equipment to record interviews, talks etc

Display Panels