Community Smoke Alarm Scheme

Community Smoke Alarm Scheme

The Community Smoke Alarm Scheme provides free smoke alarms to vulnerable households.

The cost of purchasing the alarm is funded by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Environment, Heritage and Local Government while all other costs are funded locally.

The importance of having a working smoke detector fitted cannot be over emphasised. Most deaths caused by house fires can be prevented if a working smoke alarm is installed. On average over 30 people die in fires nationally each year. Statistics show that 20% of households do not have a working smoke alarm installed. Smoke alarms can save lives!

Under the Scheme, Local Authorities, with the assistance of the voluntary sector, identify vulnerable households, including the elderly and people with disabilities, where no smoke alarms are fitted. The local authority arranges for the supply and where necessary the local community and voluntary group will arrange the installation of two ten-year self-contained smoke alarms.

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