Computer, Internet and WiFi Facilities

Computer, Internet and WiFi Facilities

Meath County Council Library Service offers a wide range of facilities to all members and guests.

Computer and WiFi Access is now available in our branches on a limited basis. Please contact your local branch to book a PC or to book study space to access the WiFi.

Self service printing from your own device is available in some branches.



Computer Access

All of our branches have public access computers with Internet Access. Library computers have the Open Office suite installed for the purpose of word processing, presentation creation, and spreadsheet use. Open Office is open source (free to download and use) software that has many of the same features as Microsoft Office.

  • You must abide by the library’s Computing & Internet Usage Policy (see bottom of this page)
  • You are entitled to a 30 minute session each day. More time will be allowed if the service is not busy.
  • All Internet users must accept the Internet Usage Policy (see bottom of this page).
  • Children under 15 years of age must have permission from their parents before they use the Internet. This is noted on their library membership record.

WiFi Facilities

Free WiFi is available in all of our branches

To use the WiFi, you must first connect to the WiFi from your device and then login with your library card number (on the back of your library card) and PIN

Printing, Photocopying/Scanning Facilities

You can print from the computers in all of our branches

Self service printing, photocopying and scanning facilities are available at some of our branches. 

There is a charge of 20c per page printed. Colour printing is also available in some branches at a cost of 60c per page.


eduroam logoeduroam stands for education roaming and it is now available in all of our libraries in Meath.

eduroam is a Wi-Fi service which enables students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to securely access the internet at their college/university and whilst visiting other participating institutions.

It is safe & secure, easy to use, offered in 200+ locations in Ireland and in 100+ countries.

How does eduroam work?

eduroam is a Wi-Fi service set identifier (SSID) that is broadcast over a Wi-Fi network. Similar to the way a mobile device immediately connects to a known home Wi-Fi network when its owner enters the entrance hall, a user’s phone automatically connects to eduroam as they walk onto a campus, or any other location where eduroam is available. eduroam is preconfigured on the user’s device, meaning there is no reconfiguration needed, or indeed no cost to use the service, as they roam from one location to another.

Further information on eduroam is available from the national eduroam site for Ireland, which identifies eduroam hotspots in Ireland, and from the central eduroam service website, which identifies eduroam hotspots worldwide.

See a List of participating Institutions

PLEASE NOTE: Authentication problems should be addressed to the support staff at your college site, as the security
mechanisms within eduroam mean that much of the detail of the authentication step is not visible to the support staff at our organisation.

Computer, Internet and WiFi Access - Conditions of Use
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