Library Services for Ukrainians in Ireland

Library Services for Ukrainians in Ireland

Hello and welcome to the Library Service of County Meath.

We have 12 libraries in Meath and library membership and use of our services are free to all. To borrow books and use some of our other services you must be a library member.  You can join the library at any of our branches. 

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Computers, Internet and WiFi

All of our libraries give free access to computers and the Internet. You can find more information on these facilities on this page.

Borrowing Books

If you would like to borrow books, you will need to be a library member.  We have recently purchased a selection of children's books in Ukrainian and also some dual language books in Ukrainian/English.  These are mostly for children and you can reserve them on our online catalogue and borrow them in person at our libraries.  See a list of the books below or view the titles on our online catalogue

Online Resources

Library membership allows you access lots of things including our Online Resources that you can use from home.  You will need your library card number to use all of the following services.

BorrowBox, our ebook app, has a large selection of titles in English but also has a number of children's books in Ukrainian  and a small selection of children's books in Russian

Libby, our magazine app  gives access to thousands of magazine titles, mostly in English, for adults, children and teens.  These can be borrowed through the app or website for 3 weeks at a time. There are also a number of magazines in the Russian language

Transparent Language Online has courses in over 70 languages including English. English is available as a course for beginners and there is also an English class for speakers of Ukrainian that is taught through Ukrainian.  For host families of Ukrainian people there is also a Ukrainian course on Transparent Language Online.

Learn English at the Library Ukranian    Learn English at the Library with Transparent

Universal Class has over 500 courses from Basic English to general education, crafts, hobbies, psychology to accounting. computing and technology and more. gives you access to newspapers and magazines from all over the world. You can choose to change the interface language to Russian by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the site, click on Interface Language and choosing Russian from the list that appears.

There is also an option to translate articles and newspapers to Russian  - when you click on a publication you should click on the 3 dot menu and then choose the translate option.

Additional Resources

  • Summer free activity sheets for Ukrainian children

  • Free Ukrainian eBook downloads

The titles below are available now for free instant download from

  • Clever Creatures —  Do you know which bird teaches its chicks a password? Or which animal goes fishing with a net made of bubbles? Or which creature can escape from a closed jar? Download this book and find out!
  • Comic Chaos — Carol has drawn the most realistic comic book monster ever — Glob! But is he too real? Carol and her friend, Ned, find they are in a bit of a mess!
  • Dog Diaries — All Sam has ever wanted is a pet dog but she knows her family cannot afford one. Can she persuade her parents to take on a charity hearing-dog for deaf people?
  • How to Trek the Himalayas — A steep climb in the mountains. There are ice valleys and snow-covered hills. Anything could be up there — snow storms, landslides, even a Yeti…
  • Rocket Dog — Craig is desperate for a pet dog but his parents will not allow it. Craig’s Grandad decides to make him a robot dog. But will things go according to plan?
  • Wanda Darkstar — Wanda Darkstar is an Alien Welfare Officer. It’s up to her to keep the aliens on Earth a secret from the humans. But Rex Squid has other ideas...

Free downloadable resources in Ukrainian from Edtech:

Survival Ukrainain 

Learn basic phrases/words for everyday situations

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