What to Read Next

What to Read Next

Online guides and useful links to help you choose your next read...

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Who Else Writes Like...? will help you to find something to read by uncovering new authors based on ones you already like.  

And there are lots of other ways to search Who Else...?, such as genre, character and series. There are also featured links to book award winners, useful websites and editor's choice of top titles. 

Some titles included in the site may be suitable for young adult readers, who are in the process of 'crossing-over' to adult novels.

How to Log In

To use this great resource just visit the Who Else Writes Like Website and Log in with your Library Card. Then select Meath County Libraries from the drop down menu of accounts and click on continue.  And you're on your way to finding your next read.

Don't forget that you can search our online catalogue and reserve the titles recommended. 

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Who Next...? A guide to children’s authors is an interactive online tool designed to help children find new authors to read.

The guide lists authors who write in similar styles and also lists links based on genre and theme. Older children can use the guide themselves. 

The most popular titles by each author are listed and the information is arranged in four age groups: 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 14+. Who Next ...? also suggests suitable titles for dyslexic and reluctant readers.

How to Log In

Visit the Who Next...? website and log in with your Library Card number.  Select Meath County Libraries from the drop down menu and click continue.

Remember, you can reserve recommended titles on our online catalogue.

Book Lists for Adults

We'll be compiling some lists of books to give you inspiration for reading choices.


Books that have been adapted for TV

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