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What to Read Next

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Ireland Reads Website

Ireland Reads LogoNot sure what to read? No problem!

The Ireland Reads website offers book recommendations suited to a person’s interests and the time they have available. There are more than 800 recommendations from librarians all around the country, including Meath.

You can simply enter their favourite type of book and how long they would like to read each day and the website will offer a suitable book suggestion and work out how long it will take to complete – a couch to 5k for books! Check it out! 


Ireland Reads was a campaign run in February 2021 which culminated in a national day of reading on Thursday, February 25th. The campaign asked people to ‘squeeze in a read’ on Ireland Reads Day and a new website www.irelandreads.ie was set up as a place where people could make a pledge to read and also get recommendations on what to read.

Book Lists for Adults

Book Lists for Children

CBI Good Reads before Goodnights

Good Reads for Goodnights Reading Guide

Children's Books Ireland has put together this great new resource on regular bedtime-stories for children. Good Reads before Goodnights comes with a list of recommended books for children aged 0 - 12 as well as top tips for reading with your child and establishing habits to help them become life-long readers.

You can reserve books from this reading list on our Online Catalogue, Encore for collection in your local branch and enjoy some bedtime-stories at home.


Some gorgeous new picturebooks are winging their way out to our libraries this week. Here are the pick of the bunch

'All the dogs' by Nicola Kent, published by Andersen Press All of the dogs

Big dogs, small dogs, hardly there at all dogs. Two dogs, three dogs, always need a pee dogs! Have fun reading along in this gorgeous doggy picture book and meet ALL the dogs...

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Monster book'Monster! Thirsty! Drink!' by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Fred Benaglia and published by Bloomsbury

It's a VERY hot day. Monster is THIRSTY. He wants a drink! But UH-OH! Where is he going to find one? Hold on tight – Monster is in for another wild ride! This laugh-out-loud picture book is perfect for anyone who's ever wanted a long, cool drink on a long, hot day.

Sir AdamRequest here

'Sir Adam the Brave and the Moody monsters' by David King, illustrated by Rhiannon Archard and published by Penguin

From the Number One bestselling author of A Hug For You. When a trio of moody monsters jeopardise the Wompie Wonder Fair and throw the kingdom into chaos, something has to be done. And fast! Enter Sir Adam the Brave! Join him on his quest to save the day and find out what's making those monsters so very moody...

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 If you like Artemis Fowl           

Artemis Fowl Book Cover

If you like the thrill and adventure of the Artemis Fowl series then try out these other titles that are available on BorrowBox or reserve them for collection in your local branch

 If you like Harry Potter               

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

When you get to the end of the Harry Potter series it can be hard to know where to go next.  We've compiled a few suggestions for fans magic and adventure ...

Science Week Reading List

Horrible Science Book Cover         

Science Week is celebrated in November each year.  We've put together some titles for those budding scientist including digital magazines and ebooks that you can read on your device.