Architectural Conservation Guidance and Publications

Architectural Conservation Guidance and Publications

A wealth of information and guidance on conservation and restoration

The information below contains the basic principles of conservation and restoration. Knowledge of our architectural heritage leads to increased awareness of its value.

Advice Series for Owners of Traditionally Built Buildings

In August 2007, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government launched a new advice series for owners of traditionally built buildings.

The Advice Series will continue with further publications. A guide to the repair of thatched roofs is currently in preparation in collaboration with Fingal County Council. Amoung the topics to be addressed in future publications are the repair of slate roofs, the repair of historic ironwork and the care of decorative finishes.

The publications in this series are available to download below.

Guidelines from the Department of the Environment
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Conservation Principles (PDF, 264.50 kb)
Decorative Plasterwork (PDF, 171.18 kb)
Interior Joinery (PDF, 238.45 kb)
Paving and Street Furniture (PDF, 387.96 kb)
Settings and Landscape (PDF, 232.08 kb)
Shopfronts (PDF, 222.48 kb)
Sources of Information (PDF, 1.62 mb)
Stone-walling (PDF, 251.73 kb)
Homes and Heritage the Mourne Homestead Experience
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Shopfront and Signage Guidelines